This Video of a Man Repeatedly Giving Himself Electric Shocks is Hilarious

ElectroBOOM shocks himself
ElectroBOOM shocks himself /

I have been introduced to a new character today and he's now my favorite Internet star ever. Mehdi Sadaghdar is an Iranian-Canadian electrical engineer who has a YouTube channel where he does electric experiments. He's known as ElectroBOOM on there and his videos often feature him taking insane electrical shocks or failing miserably. On Monday, a video compilation of those fails was posted and it's my new favorite thing.

Check it out:

I'll give you a few minutes to stop laughing.

If you watch his actual channel, some of the fails are definitely on purpose for the comedy, but some of the action is accidental. His channel is filled with tons of how-to videos with actual information and some comedy along the way. He has more than four million subscribers so maybe I'm late to this party, but damn that video was hilarious.

Hopefully through all these massive shocks Sadaghdar stays healthy so he can provide more entertainment for years to come.