Eddie Lacy Was Too Fat This Year According to Mike McCarthy


Eddie Lacy’s weight has been a topic of discussion all season and on Monday Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy finally publicly addressed it with firmness.

McCarthy claimed that his running back had a terrible offseason, never recovered from it and needs to work harder. He was blunt with a follow up, saying that Lacy simply couldn’t play at the weight he did this year.

Lacy struggled mightily in 2015, rushing for just 758 yards and three touchdowns after opening his NFL career by breaking the 1,100 yard barrier in back-to-back seasons. He also carried the ball just 187 times this year, compared to 284 in 2013 and 246 in 2014. His yards per carry also dropped to 4.1 and he caught just 20 passes after having 42 receptions in 2014.

We all know the problem. I don’t mean to fat-shame, by Lacy’s waistline would make Natrone Means blush. The Alabama product continues to have a listed weight of 234 pounds, but the Packers even pretending that’s accurate is hilarious. The guy has to be pushing 260 and it’s clearly impacting his play.

Lacy needs to work hard to get back into shape this offseason. I’m not talking about dropping 10 pounds, since that would be like tossing a deck chair off the Titanic. No, he needs to shed some serious bulk before the 2016 season.

Based on his Twitter timeline, I would suggest eating much less “china food.”

Fewer gummy bears would help too.

And maybe just a dash of self-control.

I’m no expert but that seems like a winning strategy for dropping that weight.