Laugh at Skip Bayless Trying to Explain How the Eagles Are Just Super Lucky


One of the things we like to think about is how early in the morning Skip Bayless awakes to do his best thinking and cardiovascular exercise. One has to get up at Today Show host hours to fight like hell to take a small market share away from First Take and there can't be any days off. Time zones create a hilarious reality where the 71-year-old contrarian has to get worked up to a fever pitch before most people in Los Angeles are eating breakfast, ranting and raving about whatever topic in sports might yield a short-lived social bump.

Today it was the Philadelphia Eagles on the heels of their thrilling overtime victory over the Buffalo Bills, which ran their season record to 10-1. Once again Nick Sirianni's team pulled a rabbit out of their hat and beat a really good football team after trailing. Once again they capitalized on opportunities. And once again, Bayless is not about to confront the enormous elephant in the room — that the Eagles are either the best or second-best team in the NFL.

Because they way he sees it, they've simply played "the luckiest four games in NFL history." It's a pretty amazing claim considering the long and illustrious legacy of the league and there simple fact that there's not a single resource available to fact-check something like this. His two-minute rant, which doubles as a very public coping session regarding his beloved Dallas Cowboys, took a hell of a lot out of him. All to convince ... whom, exactly?

Man, I don't know what to tell you. Sports happen! Good teams win games when they don't play well. Great teams win even more games when they don't play well. That's what makes them stand out from the pack. Bayless can tick through every single mistake the Eagles' opponents have done but it's all a bit silly when Philadelphia has made a laundry list of errors themselves to be behind the 8-ball so often.

Look, I am a Detroit Lions fan and have been rooting pretty hard against the Birds over the past several weeks as well. It hasn't been fun to watch them snatch victory from the jaws of defeat over and over and over. But they have and I have no choice but to respect that. There are 32 teams in the NFL and at least one of them has to get some credit. It may be crazy but the one with the best record and most impressive résumé deserves at least that.