Eagles - Patriots is the Super Bowl Rematch of the Game Donovan McNabb May Have Vomited in


The underdog Philadelphia Eagles barked again, and advanced to the Super Bowl to face the Patriots, giving the everyone a rematch of Super Bowl XXXIX.  That game was a classic, and as we all remember, the Eagles came up a little short and lost to the Patriots 24-21.  The Eagles will once again be an underdog in this Super Bowl, with the Patriots opening up as -5.5/6 point favorites in most books.

At first glance, I think this game is going to be a lot closer than most people think. But as good as the Eagles have played this year, and I just don’t see the Eagles pulling this out without Carson Wentz.  The Patriots will have two weeks to game plan for the Eagles, and Rob Gronkowski should be back from his concussion.

Let’s talk about the last time these two teams met in the Super Bowl. There is an urban legend that Donovan McNabb vomited in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XXXIX. McNabb’s former teammate, center Hank Fraley, said McNabb was so sick that he threw up.  and Fraley also said that former Eagles WR Freddie Mitchell even had to call one play in the huddle.

“He fought to the end. He gave it his all,” Fraley said on Comcast SportsNet in a show aired Monday night. “He could hardly call the plays — that’s how exhausted he was trying to give it his all. If you remember back when we played Jacksonville two years ago and he ended up puking, it was close to that scene. He exhausted everything he had.”

Once this all came out, of course McNabb denied it and also dismissed that Mitchell called a play. I had to see if I could find some video proof of McNabb throwing up during the Super Bowl, but none exists. Which is definitely odd, because nowadays if something like this did happen, you know someone captured it on video.  While searching for the Super Bowl puke video, I did come across McNabb blowing some chunks vs the Bucs in another game.

I’m sure Terrell Owens will be on TV a few times in the next couple weeks, so I am hoping it will come up again, because we need to get to the bottom of this!

I’m sticking with my original statement from a week ago.  There is no chance that the Eagles win the Super Bowl without Wentz.