Eagles Fan 'Mare of Havertown' Swears On TV, Quickly Adds to Philadelphia Lore, Gets Yelled at By Mom


Philadelphia and its surrounding Eastern PA towns appear to be unlike anywhere else on the planet, full of people too weird to live, but too angry at Ben Simmons to die. Earlier this year we got a heavy dose of the regional accent thanks to Kate Winslet's Mare of Easttown. And that's what made it so easy to hear this Philly fan scream, "that's f-cking bullsh-t," after a call went against the Eagles on Sunday. In a simpler time, we never would know who this woman was, but because its 2021 and this is Philly, we knew immediately who she was and she lives up to the gif.

Mary Kate Mink was especially easy to identify because she went to high school with one of the sports talk radio hosts on 94WIP.

"MK," as her friends call her, also spoke with the Philadelphia Inquirer where she explained how quickly her virality got back to her.

“All of the sudden my phone was vibrating, and my husband goes, ‘I have 85 text messages,’” Mink said. “Everyone was like, ‘MK, you’re trending on Twitter’ and this and that.”

“My mom’s like, ‘I’m mad at you because you cursed.’ I’m like, ‘Mom, I didn’t know I was on TV,’” Mink said.

I swear to jawn Kate Winslet and Jean Smart had the exact same exchange on HBO earlier this year.