Eagles Fan Calls Into WIP From Hospital After Passing Out in Anger From Nick Sirianni's Playcalling

Nick Sirianni
Nick Sirianni / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

The Philadelphia Eagles snapped a three-game losing streak on Sunday afternoon by defeating the Carolina Panthers, 21-18. It was not the most impressive of victories for Philly and one that required a lot of breaks, but a win is a win.

That does not mean Eagles faithful didn't have their usual dose of criticism ready to fire on Monday morning across the city's radio frequencies. Such a fan called into WIP this morning and informed the hosts that Nick Siranni upset him so much he had to go to the hospital. Seriously!

If you follow this link and scroll back to 7:25:30 of the 5:30-10am morning slot, you'll hear the start of the call from a fan named "Lunatic Jack." He is allegedly calling Angelo Cataldi and the Morning Team from his hospital bed in Philadelphia. Jack said Sirianni's playcalling drove him into such a rage that he passed out and woke up in the cardiac wing of the hospital. He even gave a room number.

Specifically, the play that sent him over the edge was a second-and-two sack about halfway through the third quarter, which you can see in the first clip below. Philly was down by nine around the 50-yard line and needed to get the ball moving. Siranni called a play-action pass that was immediately blown up by the Panthers, setting up an obvious passing situation on third down that led to yet another sack that killed the drive.

Angelo Cataldi was astounded by it all and repeatedly asked for details in utter disbelief. He did neatly summarize it, as transcribed below:

"Jack, back up. I want to make sure I understand the impact of this incredible story. You're watching the game, they don't run on that play, they get the sack, you lose your mind, and you go insane. You have a heart episode, the ambulance comes and rushes you to the hospital, and you're in the cardiac wing, don't even know the Eagles have won the game. Is that the story?"

This was Lunatic Jack's response:

"I'm gonna send the bill to Howie Roseman."

Eagles fans are a different breed, man.