Eagles Fan Wails on Chiefs Fan in Latest Fight Video


Patrick Mahomes went into Philadelphia and torched the Eagles for five touchdowns in a 42-30 Kansas City victory. After a stunning win on Opening Day, Nick Sirianni's team has dropped three in a row and looks a bit rudderless. One Birds enthusiast chose to channel his disappointment into violence during the final minutes.

The footage, captured by Audacy's Jesse Pantuosco, is about is straightforward as it comes. And yet stadium personnel were somehow unable to corral the instigator. At least immediately.

The Eagles fan eventually walked away while security tended to the fan was being beaten. The fight apparently began after an Eagles fan shoved a Chiefs and things just escalated from there. Security did not apprehend the fan who started it, according to Pantuosco’s knowledge.

Must have been a tremendous amount of people with green bandanas at the Linc yesterday to allow someone to disappear into the crowd like that. Or he simply could have taken it off to avoid detection. I'm really in no position to offer any guesses into the decision-making process of a person who wails on another person during a regular-season football game.

Fans, man. Tough to get them through 60 minutes without them testing the limits of a healthy society.