Eagles and Redskins Brawl After Nick Foles Got Drilled

By Jason McIntyre

Nick Foles threw a 4th quarter interception, and as the play was winding down, Philly’s QB was jogging to the pile when he was blindsided by Chris Baker, a 325-pound defensive lineman on the Redskins. After the Eagles saw the cheap shot, Jason Peters of the Eagles ran over to defend him, and punched Baker in the face.

All hell broke loose after that. Chris Baker from the Redskins was ejected; Peters of the Eagles was ejected.

Oh, and then the really bad news: The Redskins didn’t actually catch the interception, and it was overturned on the replay.

Foles was OK, so basically it was one giant do-over, but after three players were ejected. It’s 27-all with 10 minutes left.

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