Dwight Howard Snubbed From NBA 75th Anniversary Team and People Are Furious

Los Angeles Lakers v Phoenix Suns
Los Angeles Lakers v Phoenix Suns / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

The NBA's 75th anniversary team was released on Thursday and among the decisions made on the list, one seems to have everyone riled up. Dwight Howard was snubbed, and people are not happy about it. Arguably the most dominant big man since Shaquille O'Neal, Howard seemed a shoo-in for the list. Apparently he wasn't good enough.

It's worth running down Howard's accomplishments before we delve into people's reactions. He's an eight-time All-Star, a five-time All-NBA First Team member and made the second team once, He's a three-time Defensive Player of the Year, and made the All-Defensive first team four times, and the second team once. Howard led the NBA in rebounding five times and blocks twice and was a key part of the Los Angeles Lakers' championship run in 2020.

As I said, people couldn't believe Howard was left off the list. Here's a sampling of the reactions to his snub.

As you can see, people are pretty fired up about this and I agree it's a massive mistake. Howard was incredibly dominant early in his career and it feels like people have simply forgotten what he could do.