Dwight Howard's Insane Mansion Features Giants Snakes and a Tiny Basketball Court

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Houston Rockets v Chicago Bulls / Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Dwight Howard appeared on In Depth with Graham Bensigner and it made for some tremendous content. A cursory look at Howard’s 35,000 square foot Atlanta area home is worth a post alone. Howard bought the mansion in 2016 for $8.8 million. Via the Gwinnett Daily Post:

"The home has a 14 car garage, separate pool house, 5 kitchens, 20 HVAC units, 3 laundry rooms, saltwater pool with outdoor fireplace, attic with custom cabinetry, elevator, service access driveway and underground tunnel that connects detached garages with main house."

According to Howard he has one person who cares for the immaculate 15 acre estate. He also likes to walk around the property and hug trees which sounds exactly like something Dwight Howard would do.

Somehow, that’s about the 10th most interesting thing in this video.

Dwight Howard has a bunch of big snakes, including an anaconda named Cleopatra who could grow to be 25-feet long and 200lbs. He has been bitten three times and has the scars to prove it. Is he mad about the bites? No.

“I definitely think people have a misunderstanding about snakes.”

You can see more of Howard’s insane snake and fish tanks in this video.

Dwight Howard bought a purple car because of Thanos. He also has a Superman bike that he has ridden up to 170mph. Hey, you have to fill that 14-car garage with something, right?

Dwight Howard has a shrine to Back to the Future. It includes original Nike McFlys and an autographed Hoverboard.

Dwight Howard carries his gold medal around with him everywhere he goes because why wouldn’t you.

He lives on 15 acres of land, but his basketball court isn’t even big enough to shoot corner 3’s. This had to be some sort of HOA issue, right? This is why Dwight Howard never added an outside shot.