Dwight Howard Invites Mouthy Fan Onto the Court During Rockets' Blowout Loss

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Dwight Howard threatening me.

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Dwight Howard and the Houston Rockets had a rough Sunday in Los Angeles, losing to the Clippers by 33. Howard fouled out in 18 minutes and managed just 7 points. It appears that the frustration of the game and the fans giving him shit got to Howard late in the third quarter. With the Rockets down 22, Howard started responding to at least one fan, inviting him to “come out here.”

The person who took the video, “S. Sami,” describes the incident as “Dwight Howard threatening me. ” I’m not sure if that’s the most accurate description of the entire series of events that resulted in this video, but yeah, that’s kind of what is happening here. One thing we can be sure of is that everyone involved in this was acting like a mature adult.