Dramatic Walk-Off Home Run Wins Little League World Series For California


What an amazing finish to the 2023 Little League World Series. California and Curacao threw haymakers at each other for six innings, and the title game was capped off by El Segundo Little League's best player, Louis Lappe, blasting a walk-off home run to open the bottom of the final inning. It was an incredible moment following a great game.

Check out the finish:

Aside from that being just an unbelievable moment, what an incredible announcer jinx from Karl Ravech there. Curacao hadn't allowed a home run all tournament, then did on the final pitch of the event. Crazy.

That wasn't the only memorable moment of a dramatic title game. California opened the scoring, taking a 2-0 lead in the first inning, then steadily increased it and led 5-1 after four. In the top of the fifth, everything changed. Curacao loaded the bases with two outs and Nasir El-Ossais blasted a grand slam to tie the game.

That set things up for Lappe's dramatic bomb to win things in the bottom of the next inning. What a game.

Curacao's team featured five players who lost to Hawaii in the LLWS final in 2022. So a tough pill to swallow for those kids, but it was an amazing accomplishment just to get back to the title game two years in a row.

El Segundo's win gives California its eighth LLWS title, the most of any state.