Durham Bulls Will Wear R2D2 Jerseys for Star Wars Night Promotion

By Mike Cardillo

The Durham Bulls are the latest minor league baseball team to release a zany, eye-catching uniform. On May 4 — no I’m not going to repeat that line about the force — the Bulls will wear uniforms that look like R2D2 from Star Wars Night. Not bad, everybody loves that little guy, right?

In the past month we’ve also seen minor league teams design jerseys to look like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Ghostbusters’ proton pack. Which nostalgia-tinged pop culture fan favorite will the marketing departments think of next? Fraggles? Care Bears? Transformers? Super Mario Bros.? He-Man? Mighty Morphine Power Rangers? Captain Caveman? Duckman? The list is as endless as your imagination.

Do you like this crazy jersey trend by minor league teams, or do you think it’s dumb? Be sure to vote in this highly scientific poll to let us know.

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