When Does the 'Dune' Sequel Come Out?

UK Special Screening of "Dune"
UK Special Screening of "Dune" / Jeff Spicer/GettyImages

Dune has arrived in theaters and living rooms thanks to the final days of the Warner Bros. HBO Max arragement. For those of you who saw it in theaters, it was probably awesome because it was awesome in my living room and a theater screen must be at least twice as big.

I went into Dune with no expectations. I had heard of it, but never seen the original movie -- which was released when I was one -- or read the book -- which came out when my parents were kids. All I knew about Dune was from the trailer which made it look like a sequel to Tremors. And yeah, the worm does look like that.

So as I said, I went in with no expectations and was borderline blown away. I heard the movie dropped some of the awesome stuff to instead focus on the politics and found myself as interested in spice trade as I ever could have imagined. And I think that's part of the charm. Dune is good, but also ridiculous.

Jason Momoa is "Duncan Idaho," which is just an incredible fake name. Makes you wonder how Timothée Chalamet got stuck with a name as boring as Paul Atreides. Speaking of Chalamet, he and Zendaya became total besties on the set as I'm sure you've seen in interviews. Amazingly, their entire relationship had a major "when are they getting to the fireworks factory" vibe.

We got little peaks of what look like awesome bad guys, but mostly it was just a bunch of Dune's version of faceless, nameless storm troopers and red shirts. Except they wore sweet uniforms that converted sweat into drinking water. Hopefully, that technology is developed in my lifetime.

Anyway, it was a great time. Dave Bautista and a guy in an oil bath where there. I assume they'll be in a sequel, which, what's going on there? A Dune sequel not yet existing is basically a space crime.

The main title card literally says "part one." You've got to have some real courage to make a two and a half hour movie with a $165 million budget and only tell half the damn story you've been hired to tell. If Dune part two (2une? Tune?) doesn't already have script, well, that's insane. I can't believe they aren't already shooting with a release date in mind. In fact, it downright sucks. I want to see the rest of this story now. Seriously, when did Chalamet and Zendaya find time to become such close friends? These are the questions the sequel(s) must answer.

Instead, we wait. And while we wait let's just celebrate the fact that HBO Max finally got a good movie because the other same day releases have mostly been Buzz's girlfriend.

As a parent, I don't make it to the theater much so this arrangement has been great. I've seen a bunch of new movies that I never would have seen for another year or more. Of course, it's also been a curse because most of the movies sucked. Here's the list of the ones I watched: The Little Things, Judas and the Black Messiah, Tom & Jerry, Godzilla versus Kong, Mortal Kombat, In the Heights, Those Who Wish Me Dead, Space Jam: A New Legacy, The Suicide Squad, and The Many Saints of Newark.

Some of those movies personally offended me. Judas and the Black Messiah was pretty good. Godzilla Versus Kong and Those Who Wish Me Dead were good for what they were. The first half-hour or so of Suicide Squad was very good and the second half stunk. The more I think about The Many Saints of Newark, the more upset I become that it exists.

But Dune? Dune rocks. You want to watch Dune right now? I'll watch Dune right now and I won't be mad about it. At least until we get to the end and I realize there's like half a damn story left. So let's get to work on that next Dune movie.