Paul Chryst Didn't Get Doused in Mayo and Twitter Was Furious With Duke's Mayonnaise

Paul Chryst doused with water at the Duke's Mayo Bowl
Paul Chryst doused with water at the Duke's Mayo Bowl /

Imagine anticipating something different and amazing, then having it all fall apart as you watch on national television. That just happened for all of Twitter at the end of the Duke's Mayo Bowl on Wednesday afternoon.

As Wisconsin was closing out a 42-28 win over Wake Forest, all of Twitter was excited to see Badgers head coach Paul Chryst get doused in mayonnaise like a poorly-made club sandwich. Unfortunately, the punchline didn't deliver on its premise.

Twitter was fired up like it hadn't been since two llamas were running free in Arizona a few years ago.

Check it out:

We were all so into it.

Then this happened:

People were legitimately devastated:

Duke's taunted all of us after the fact:

That's just rude. How could you do that to us, especially in 2020? We needed this. We needed Chryst covered in the worst condiment to end the year. It would have given us hope, a light at the end of a truly awful trip around the Sun. But no, Duke's freaking Mayo had the rob us of our one possible moment of joy.

People were legit angry:

As my colleague Stephen Douglas said, this was a "Miracle Whiff."