Dude Pours Mayo All Over Himself During 'College GameDay'


Clemson and Georgia will cap a delicious slate of Week 1 action tonight in Charlotte by facing off in the Duke's Mayo Classic. ESPN's College GameDay is on-site and fans are already well-lubricated. Jack Donaghy would be proud of the product integration one intensely passionate attendee was able to create by gripping a tube of mayonnaise with both hands and squeezing with gusto.

There is no more intoxicating cocktail than the one that blends sports and a live national television audience. People make different choices when the red light is on and the small window to become a Main Character exists than they do, say, on a random Wednesday morning.

These are the exact type of stomach-turning antics we missed last year with fewer and more socially-distanced fans. Not the most important thing, but certainly a thing.

Here's hoping our guy has a hotel room to go back and shower in before the afternoon sun sets it. A self-mayo bath always sounds good on paper but tends to open the door to regret later.