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Drew Rosenhaus Drops a Smokescreen for Gregory Rousseau

Brian Giuffra
Gregory Rousseau Miami turnover chain.
Gregory Rousseau Miami turnover chain. / Mark Brown/Getty Images

It's NFL Draft misinformation season, a sacred time when teams and agents tactfully drop little nuggets to the media for them to disseminate to the larger public in hopes that news leads to another team doing something the original news propagators want.

Or you could just say to hell with being discreet and drop an obvious smokescreen like Drew Rosenhaus just did for Miami Hurricanes defensive lineman Gregory Rousseau.

At one time believed to be a Top 15 pick and, at minimum, a first-round lock, Rousseau has seen his draft stock fall in recent weeks following a less-than-desirable performance at his pro day. Yesterday, Mel Kiper and Todd McShay mocked Rousseau to the Seahawks with the 56th overall pick. But, according to Rosenhaus, his client will certainly NOT be available at that pick.

Love Rosenhaus going to bat for his guy. That's what an agent should do. And it's not like a team has ever lied to a player/agent about where they'll draft said player. No, that would NEVER, EVER, EVER happen! EVER!!

Rousseau ran a 4.68 40 at his pro day, which is nowhere near the explosive speed of someone like Miles Garrett, who ran a 4.48 and didn't really WOW in the other drills either. He also only played one full season at Miami, racking up 15.5 sacks in 2019 before opting out of the 2020 campaign amidst Covid. That unknown will certainly cause some teams to question whether Rousseau was a one-hit-wonder.

Regardless, Rosenhaus is here to tell you if you want Rousseau on your team, you better be ready to use a first-round pick on him. Hell, Rosenhaus might as well say the Jaguars plan is to draft Rousseau No. 1 overall. At this point, that's as believable as anything an agent tweets a week before the draft.