Drew Brees Got a Bad Haircut

Drew Brees wondering why he shaved his hair.
Drew Brees wondering why he shaved his hair. / Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Getting a haircut has been a challenge for many of us during this national shutdown. At one point it was impossible to find clippers. Then, even if you got them, there was the uncertainty of how you or your loved one would do actually trimming the locks.

In the Brees household, whether done by Drew, his wife or, most likely, a professional, there was a clear misfire on this attempt.

Not sure if he asked for a one on the sides and they just did it all around, but Brees looks like he aged 20 years with that haircut. However, in fairness to the Saints quarterback, his hairline was regressing faster than his quarterbacking skills. Perhaps this was an attempt at a Michael Jordan-Last Dance look? If that's the case, he needs to put the razor to work.

Either way, it's a very different cut than the one he's cultivated and become known for on commercials and postgame interviews. He keeps it tight on the sides and usually a little longer on top. Not too long, but long enough for their to be a clear difference.

Here are pictures of him the last three years.

Drew Brees hair 2019.
Drew Brees hair 2019. / Wesley Hitt/Getty Images
Drew Brees hair 2018.
Drew Brees hair 2018. / Wesley Hitt/Getty Images
Brees hair 2017.
Brees hair 2017. / Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Brees usually wears a hat or a skully on the field. It was honestly hard finding photos of him hatless for each year. Regardless, you get the point. This is a big deviation from his normal look.

Brees is set to be an analyst with NBC when his playing career ends and, as anyone who knows television will tell you, the look you sport (and on your noggin especially) is a big part of the equation. It doesn't matter whether it's shaved down or long or anything in between. It's usually about consistency. You don't want people talking about your hair more than your analysis.

Brees had consistency before this. He went for a new look and failed from my POV. His next move will be important to monitor. Does he keep it short or let it grow? Only time will tell.