Draymond Green's Stephen Curry Impression Was the Highlight of the NBA Season

Draymond Green.
Draymond Green. / Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The San Antonio Spurs beat the Golden State Warriors on Monday night, 105-103. The Warriors had the ball, down three, with 8.7 seconds remaining. They ran a play to get the ball to Stephen Curry, who had made 6 of 11 three-point attempts during the game, but he couldn't get open. So they inbounded the ball to Draymond Green at half-court and he shot his shot.

Now, obviously, Draymond thought he was going to get fouled and was trying to get three free throws instead of two. The announcers realized it slowly after they talked through the, "what'd he do that for," "no...," and "why?" Draymond himself said that the play was smart, but "ended up being dumb as hell."

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So we know why he did it. It makes complete sense. That doesn't make it any less funny of a visual.

Just Green, the career 31 percent three-point shooter who is shooting only 19.5 percent from three this season, jacking up the most hero ball-looking heave ever. Five seconds left on the clock. Perhaps the best shooter to ever live a few feet away. The way the ball smashed off the backboard. The reaction of Curry. It was all perfect.

Stephen Curry reacts to Draymond Green's three point attempt.
Stephen Curry reacts to Draymond Green's three point attempt. /

There is no other way to say it - this is art. If this happened in a pickup game the guy who shot it would have yelled, "Kobe!" Draymond Green will get made fun of, but if any other player tried this, they would find themselves in the health and safety protocols this morning because they had been considered a close contact to choking on greatness.

People probably thought it would be tough to beat getting ejected for yelling at your own teammate, but you did it. So thank you, Draymond Green. Thank you for being brave enough to do something that looks this stupid because you know it could have been the right thing to do.