Who Was Draymond Green Referring to By Saying Not Everybody Is Made for the Playoffs?

Denver Nuggets v Golden State Warriors - Game Two
Denver Nuggets v Golden State Warriors - Game Two / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

Draymond Green and the Golden State Warriors took a 3-0 lead over the Denver Nuggets in their first round playoff series with a 118-113 win Thursday night. After the game, Green let loose with some knowledge and we're not sure who exactly it was aimed it. But he wasn't wrong.

Green discussed how the NBA's postseason was different than the regular season and essentially implied that the playoffs separate the men from the boys. He emphasized that not everyone was cut out for postseason success.

Here's what he had to say:

The takeaway line is, "Some guys that you think are guys are not guys in the playoffs." He also said, "You look around the league, everybody just not cut out for the playoffs."

Being that Green is the one who said it, you can be fairly certain that this was directed at someone specifically. Or possibly more than one person. Some options for this would be Karl-Anthony Towns, who was awful Thursday night in an epic collapse. Maybe it was aimed at former teammate Kevin Durant who has struggled so far in the postseason. Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young has also had issues against the Miami Heat, and was held to eight points in Game 1 of their series. Then again, he could be directing the comment at an entire team, like the Utah Jazz's current core which put up good regular season numbers but haven't done anything in the postseason.

We'll never know exactly who Green was referring to but you can bet he was targeting someone with his statement.