Draymond Green is the Only One Who Can Get Answers from Mel Tucker

Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

After a month or so of speculation that Mel Tucker would take an escape hatch out of East Lansing to steer the LSU program, all indications are that he'll remain with Michigan State and sign a massive 10-year extension that will make every coach in American more money in renegotiations. I am personally harboring a tremendous amount of thoughts on this development which will remain in the drafts folder just in case they prove to be false hope for Spartans fans. Tucker had not addressed the reports until he appeared on Draymond Green's new podcast on Colin Cowherd's network.

The MSU alum wasted no time digging into the issue and drawing out an answer that sounds a lot like what the answer has always been for Tucker and made all the scuttlebutt seem a bit misguided in the first place.

"I've always made it clear that MSU is a destination job, not a stepping stone," Tucker said. "It was never my intention to come here and just pass through."

That certainly sounds like someone who wants to continue to build at Michigan State, which it should be said, would afford him an opportunity to appreciated for nine-win seasons and the occasional trip to Indianapolis. The enormous financial investment speaks volumes about what the school thinks of its coach. As an added bonus, deep-pocketed private investors are helpfully ponying up a significant portion of the cash. This is a win-win situation for all involved and could provide stability as MSU takes great strides in the new world of collegiate professionalization, an area they are uniquely equipped to succeed in compared to other programs of their ilk.

Ink can't meet paper soon enough.