Draymond Green Hit Mike Conley in His Broken Face, Unintentionally


Mike Conley returned to action for the first time since April 25th and he was just in time. Conley shot 8-12 from the field and scored 22 points in the Grizzlies 97-90 win over the Golden State Warriors. Playing with a mask, some swelling and two new plates in his face, Conley really only faced one scare.

During the 2nd quarter, Conley was on the ground, holding the basketball near his head when Draymond Green came flying in and grazed his head while grabbing the ball. Conley recoiled. Green apologized. Z-Bo forgave him. Was it a dirty play by Green? There’s no way to tell his intent, but any time anyone comes close to Mike Conley’s head for the rest of the playoffs they will be judged harshly.