Draymond Green-Desmond Bane Shoving Match Leads to Grizzlies Coach Taylor Jenkins on the Floor

Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

Draymond Green served a lengthy suspension and is now a changed man. Or perhaps not as shades of the old Green appeared on Wednesday night as the Warriors star found himself in dustups with multiple opposing players as Golden State crushed the Memphis Grizzlies to keep pace in the Western Conference playoff chase.

It all started when Memphis big man Santi Aldama had the nerve to try to run down the court after converting a close-range look and bumped into Green. The Warriors heart and soul took exception to this, overrreacting and grabbing Aldama's jersey. The home broadcast hilariously accused Aldama of trying to bait poor ol' Draymond.

Tensions remained high until the next stoppage of play when Green decided he needed to stand inches away from Grizzlies coach Taylor Jenkins while the teams got ready to huddle. Desmond Bane somewhat reasonably decided to get involved and tried to move Green out of the way, which everyone knows is a dangerous game bound to escalate the situation. That bout of wrasslin' drew Warriors guard Gary Payton II over and one thing led to another and then Jenkins was on the ground.

At that point everyone walked over to make sure more people got in the way and more people got heated. All because two different Grizzlies had the audacity to provoke Green who, once again, has learned from his suspension and simply minds his own business.