Drake Posted a Crying Paul George Instagram, Accused Pacers Star of Being Scared

Kyle Koster

Drake did an excellent job of interjecting himself into the Toronto Raptors’ Game 5 victory over the Indiana Pacers.

But he wasn’t content with just sitting courtside and being annoying as a group of more athletic guys won a basketball game so he decided to needle Paul George via social media.

Drake deleted his post after it began to gain traction which is a shame because it’s an amazing use of Photoshop. Presumably, George is crying because the Pacers lost on a video review. It’s unclear why Drake believes the All-Star was scared. All George did was score 39 points, grab 8 rebounds and dish out 8 assists. Without him the Pacers would have lost by 20.

Crying Jordan is, of course, to blame for this nonsensical post. Any credit Drake gets for being a loyal fan is overshadowed by the fact that he’s talking serious trash when his beloved team has blown first-round playoff series in two consecutive years and aren’t out of the woods in this one yet.

It’s as if he’s learned nothing from repeated past failures. It’s going to be a fun time watching him sweat out a tight Game 7 this weekend.