Drake Is The Most Obnoxious Fan In All Of Sports When Cheering On The Raptors


Drake has made his presence felt during Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals, as his beloved Toronto Raptors are battling the Milwaukee Bucks. It has been yet another example of how the 32-year-old is the most obnoxious fan in sports.

Aside from attempting to taunt visiting players, he often wanders out onto the floor, which would get any other fan ejected. It’s insanely annoying and actually makes watching the game less enjoyable. He talks a ton of trash, but almost certainly couldn’t back it up in any capacity.

Watch some of his antics from Tuesday night’s game:

I mean, the fake laugh, the way he just wanders onto the floor. Dude you’re not on the team. You have an assigned seat. If you want to stand and cheer, or even talk a little trash, feel free. That’s your right as a paying customer. But getting out to center court and yelling at players? Get the hell off the floor.

Also, you probably shouldn’t be making fun of Giannis Antetokounmpo for missing a free throw when your jumper looks like this:

More from tonight:

Here he is during Game 3, again, stay off the damn floor unless you’re a player or a coach:

To sum up: Drake is the worst.