Doug Gottlieb's Pre-Draft Analysis of Stephen Curry is Amusing in Retrospect

Ryan Glasspiegel

As Stephen Curry jets around the court creating and hitting bonkers jump-shots, it’s worth remembering that none of this was inevitable. Though he did have that NCAA Tournament run where he was doing this sorta thing to teams like Wisconsin, there were lots of doubters, including Doug Gottlieb, then of ESPN, that it would translate to the NBA:

The video up-top is of the segment in question, and hasn’t been viewed nearly as much as it deserves to be. “His name value is carrying him a little more than his actual efficiency on the basketball floor,” Gottlieb said. However, it’s unfair to make this all about Gottlieb when NBA general managers picked Hasheem Thabeet, Tyreke Evans, Ricky Rubio, and Jonny Flynn above Curry. (Blake Griffin and James Harden went before him as well, but those selections are defensible.)