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Doug Eddings Continues To Be a Disgrace To Umpiring

Ryan Phillips
Toronto Blue Jays v Baltimore Orioles
Toronto Blue Jays v Baltimore Orioles / Greg Fiume/GettyImages

Doug Eddings has long been one of the worst umpires Major League Baseball has to offer and he continues to prove it. On Monday night, his incompetence was on full display when he was behind the plate as the Baltimore Orioles took on the Toronto Blue Jays. Eddings put on a performance for the ages.

On the night, the 54-year-old had 37 called strikes. A whopping 13 of them were actually balls according to Umpire Scorecards. That's a correct call rate of just 65 percent. Yes, 65 percent!

It wasn't just that he was missing calls, Eddings was missing them by a lot. He had three calls that missed by more than 4.5 inches. Only missed by 6.47 inches. And this is a regular occurrence for him. It was the fourth game of the season in which Eddings has missed multiple calls by five-plus inches.

I mean, these are horrible.

Just ridiculous.

At some point MLB and the MLB Umpires Association need to do something about guys who are so consistently bad. This kind of stuff changes games and no one is tuning in to watch a joke like this.

Guys like Eddings and Angel Hernandez make baseball worse. They are the reason we now have instant replay and are rapidly careening towards a world with robot umpires.