Donald Trump Threatens to Invite Women's Soccer Team to White House


[autotag]Megan Rapinoe, to no one’s surprise, expressed no desire to visit the White House should the U.S. women’s team be invited after a triumphant World Cup.

President Donald Trump had some thoughts on this, and shared them on Twitter this morning, first tagging the wrong account before deleting and sending again. And if I had a dime for every time I’ve typed that in the past few years, I could buy a decent lunch.

It’s tough to be surprised by anything in 2019, but the White House invite shifting from reward to punitive threat is certainly something. Never thought we’d see it.

One consequence of this morning’s back-and-forth is that there will be an uptick of people either sincerely or performatively rooting for France on Friday. Really looking forward to it.

It’s worth considering which party would feel more uncomfortable should the American women show up to 1600 Pennsylvania as World Champions. There’s a chance this is a bluff Trump is hoping isn’t called.