National Anthem Singer For Donald Trump Rally Got the Words Wrong

Donald Trump speech
Donald Trump speech /

On Saturday afternoon Donald Trump was scheduled to speak at a rally in Greensboro, North Carolina as Super Tuesday rapidly approaches. About a half hour before the former president was supposed to go on, a woman came up to sing the National Anthem. Things did not go so well as she got the words quite wrong. Specifically, she appeared to sing "o'er the apples we watched" instead of the "ramparts."

Doesn't really hit the same, does it?

Did she forget or has she always thought it was apples? It's hard to say. We all have those moments where we've spent our entire lives singing one lyric and then come to find out it wasn't even close. It's easy to envision that happening with the anthem for some people because the words are always sung so dramatically.

But nearly everybody had to grow up saying the words. It's pretty deeply ingrained. And if this woman somehow wasn't required to do so growing up, she should probably have studied up on the exact lyrics before singing ahead of a rally, right? A pretty tough place to have that kind of slip-up.

Nobody in the crowd seemed to notice or care very much so it could have been worse. But it is not exactly an auspicious start to Trump's rally.