Roundup: Donald Trump Sets New Record For Presidential Impeachments

House Votes On Articles Of Impeachment Against President Trump
House Votes On Articles Of Impeachment Against President Trump / Stefani Reynolds/Getty Images

AirBnB is canceling and blocking reservations for inauguration week ... Mitch McConnell refusing to hold the impeachment before inauguration ... Lauren Boebert temporarily banned from Twitter ... the National Guard was resting on the floor of the Capitol this morning ahead of the impeachment vote ... off-duty cops from around the country came together for the riot at the Capitol ... here's how a group of a few dozen communicated during the riot ... Trump is "isolated, sullen, and vengeful" and mad at aides for his second impeachment ... the Lincoln Project had no impact on the presidential election, but they have turned their attention to Josh Hawley ... former Michigan governor charged in Flint water crisis ... Biden already working on the next stimulus ... the Chinese COVID-19 vaccine has been less effective than expected in Brazil ...

Major League Baseball has suspended political donations. [AP]

Some guy lost a job he never had and tried to blame the NHL. [ESPN]

Golf is finally trying to distance itself from Donald Trump. [Washington Post]

Jesse Washington has signed a contract extension to remain with The Undefeated. [ESPN]

Trinity Rodman, the daughter of Dennis, was selected second overall in the NWSL draft. [Yahoo!]

Soon to be one-term Georgia congressperson Marjorie Taylor Green says she's going to file impeachment charges against Joe Biden on his first day in office.

Good for Marcus Rashford.