Donald Trump Hangs With Katherine Webb, Calls Deadspin "Total Losers"

Stephen Douglas

Katherine Webb hung out with Donald Trump yesterday. She will be a judge at the next Miss USA pageant. She will be a Super Bowl correspondent for Inside Edition. She is going to be in the next Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Now she’s hanging out with Donald Trump? And she got to hold a football helmet and a large sneaker? This girl knows how to shill. Thanks, Brent.

As for her buddy Trump, earlier this week he congratulated Deadspin on their Manti Te’o fake dead girlfriend hoax scoop. Deadspin’s response was fairly humorous.

This unsurprisingly caused Trump to take back his compliment.

I just hope this doesn’t keep Barry Petchesky off a future season of Celebrity Apprentice. And in case you were wondering, yes, Trump is a Manti Te’o fake dead girlfriend truther.

[via Daily Mail]