Donald Trump Calls Washington D.C. a Rat-Infested Sh-thole

Donald Trump
Donald Trump /

Sunday was an eventful one for one Donald J. Trump. The former president was in Iowa ahead of Monday's caucus. During his speech, he was heckled by someone in the crowd. There was a protestor hidden amidst his MAGA faithful who popped up with a sign accusing Trump of being a climate criminal. Then he took aim at Washington, D.C.

Speaking with a big white hat emblazoned with a gold "Trump Caucus Captain" slogan, Trump said the capital of the nation is, right now, a rat-infested, graffiti-infested sh-thole.

He's always had such a way with words.

This was preceded by promises to take over the "horribly-run" capital and Trump's insistence that he will fix all the problems once he is elected into office. It is once again a bold move by the political to attack the state of the nation's capital city as an election strategy. It is also one of his favorites; this clip is reminiscent of when Trump called Baltimore "rat- and rodent-infested" back in 2019 as he was gearing up to run for re-election.

Tomorrow will indicate if it gets results with the Iowa crowd.