Donald Trump Reportedly Called Alex Rodriguez for Coronavirus Response Ideas

Kyle Koster
Alex Rodriguez was reportedly approached for thoughts on the global pandemic.
Alex Rodriguez was reportedly approached for thoughts on the global pandemic. / Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Since we rise each day and read news seemingly created from Mad Libs, there's no reason to bat an eye about President Donald Trump, in the middle of a global pandemic, calling up Alex Rodriguez to get his thoughts. Why? Presumably because things are going so well there is literally nothing else to tackle.

A source told the ABC reporters that neither Rodriguez or fiancé Jennifer Lopez will be taking on an official role in the fight, but that the call was "pleasant."

Trump quickly decried the report as fake news.

Look, there's nothing wrong with taking a few minutes out of the day to pick A-Rod's brain for whatever is rolling around in there. These are stressful times and it helps to reminisce about simpler times when the slugger's albatross of a contract was the major concern of New Yorkers.

But this news came out mere hours after Trump admitted from the White House lectern that he's been imploring Vice President Mike Pence not to call affected areas like Washington and Michigan because the democratic governors of those states have failed to heal sufficient praise at the federal government's feet.

Perhaps the highest-stakes episode of Celebrity Apprentice yet and there's no way to change the channel. Here's hoping the next famous person on the president's speed-dial says listen to the doctors.