Donald Trump: Barack Obama Watched Basketball All Day


President Donald Trump has found something he loves to do in his golden years and it’s serving as a White House tour guide. The Washington Post details this new passion in detail, revealing Trump’s affinity for going deep on the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky landmarks. He also takes pride in his private dining room, which is presented with some artistic flourishes.

"The president has also claimed to guests, without evidence, that his private dining room off the Oval Office was in “rough shape” with a hole in the wall when he came into the West Wing and that Obama used it to watch sports, according to two White House officials and two other people who have heard him discuss the dining room. “He just sat in here and watched basketball all day,” Trump told a recent group, before saying he upgraded Obama’s smaller TV to a sprawling, flat-screen one, the four people said. A former Obama White House official, who requested anonymity because Obama does not generally respond to Trump’s remarks, said there was no hole in the wall and that Obama rarely worked in the room and did not watch basketball there."

Wow. Someone isn’t telling the truth here. Guess we’ll never know what really went down in that dining room. One clue not mentioned in the piece is that basketball, generally, isn’t televised during during mornings and afternoons during the week. There’s plenty of it on at night and on the weekends, though.

The part about the bigger television definitely rings true.

It’s tough to get people from all points of the political spectrum to agree on anything, but I think allowing a president two free days to watch the opening round of the NCAA Tournament in March would be something we could all get behind. There is nothing tougher than missing those games and the work product suffers. Perhaps it’s best for all involved to let the vice president sub in so the big man can focus on his brackets.