Golfer Manages to Capture Video of Donald Trump Shanking a Short Shot Into Oblivion


Donald Trump is an avid golfer and pretty damn good at it because he has a 2.8 handicap, per a 2019 Golf Digest report. But golf is a very difficult game and even those with a reported 19 club championships to their name can have a misfire.

There's no shortage of footage of the former president playing before his time in office, during, and since. The latest, though, stands out because someone else on the course was able to catch a bit of a blooper. The clip shows Trump lining up a little wedge into the green and missing his mark by just a bit in the form of pushing it wide right.

Of course, we don't know the course or the way the complex works there so there's always a chance coming in from over there provides a more advantageous angle.

On the bright side, security made sure there was no gallery over there, having learned from a long line of political incidents dating back to 1974 when then-Vice President Gerald Ford bopped dude on the head just as his predecessor Spiro Agnew had done a few years earlier. In 1995 Ford was out there again forcing people to scramble and hit another person on the same day George Bush hit two others.

Seems like the safest place to be when a former commander-in-chief is addressing the ball is in the group behind. Or right where they're aiming.

We will never know if Trump got up and down from there. Probably depends who you ask.