Don Majkowski, Former Packers QB, is in Such Bad Shape He Can No Longer Coach His Son's Football Team

By Jason Lisk

Don Majkowski, who sported one of the best mullets in football history, is a physical mess at the age of 49. Fox Sports Wisconsin profiled Majkowski, the Green Bay QB who made the Pro Bowl and finished 2nd in MVP voting in his magical 1989 season – when he became know as the “Majik Man.” The following season, Majkowski suffered a shoulder injury and he was never the same. He started just 19 games over the next six seasons with three different teams.

Majkowski also suffered an ankle injury in the game that launched Brett Favre’s career in 1992. He has had 11 surgeries on his ankle, and now describes it as being “locked into place.” In addition, the Majik Man had a degenerative disc condition that required a fusion three months ago. He also has degenerative discs in his neck and suffers from post-traumatic concussion syndrome.

Majkowski also talked about how his pain was so severe that he could not even stand up at his son’s football practices without a back brace. His son, Bo, is a quarterback in the 8th grade. Majkowski talked about the number of concussions in seventh grade as kids are bigger and faster. He also said he’ll push his son to play baseball.

Despite all of this, Majkowski does not regret playing in the NFL:

"“I don’t regret it,” Majkowski said. “That’s the sickening part of it. Of course I’d do it all again. It was my childhood dream and I worked extremely hard to achieve that and be in the NFL. It was a privilege and a dream that only a small percentage of guys ever get to do.”"

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