Domonique Foxworth: Dak Prescott Will Outperform Tom Brady in 2021

Domonique Foxworth
Domonique Foxworth /

Tom Brady and Dak Prescott will face off to open this NFL season on September 9. The Dallas Cowboys are championship hopefuls, traveling to Tampa Bay to see how they measure up against the defending Super Bowl champs. Prescott will test out his healed ankle and shoulder while Brady will embark on yet another attempt at having the best season of his career. Football will be back. We can't wait.

The marquee matchup will dominate most Week 1 NFL discussions leading up to the event. The Get Up crew zeroed in on the Prescott v. Brady matchup in particular and debated the season's outlook for both quarterbacks. Domonique Foxworth used this opportunity to go on record with a hot take featuring questionable statistical backing: Dak Prescott will outperform Tom Brady in 2021.

Foxworth's analytical evidence is that Prescott outperformed Brady in the five games he played in 2020 and in all of 2019. The latter is certainly correct; Prescott threw for 30 touchdowns and 11 picks with 4,902 yards vs. Brady's 24 TD, 8 INT, 4,057 yard output in his final season as a Patriot. In the first four games of 2020, Prescott was cooking while throwing for 1,690 yards and nine touchdowns with three picks while Brady got off to a slow start with only 1,122 yards passing but managed 11 touchdowns to four interceptions. Foxworth points out Prescott's QBR was better than Brady's in that 2020 stretch, too. All this is proof that Prescott will outperform the 44 year-old with a fully healthy season in a loaded Cowboys offense.

But do you know what is a wonderful thing? Context. Prescott balled the hell out in 2019 with Ezekiel Elliott alongside him and throwing to Amari Cooper/Michael Gallup. Nobody is denying that. But Brady's final year in New England was not nearly as talent-filled. Julian Edelman had over 1,000 yards, but the next leading receiver was James White. A running back. Philip Dorsett was the second-best receiver by the statistical analysis and he garnered all of 397 yards receiving that year.

In 2020, Prescott threw for more yards, but Brady threw for two more touchdowns with only one more pick. All while playing his first real snaps with a brand-new team and teammates for the first time since the turn of the century. Without any real practice time.

I'm not anti-statistics by any measure but they never tell the full story. If Foxworth wants to argue that Brady will fall behind Prescott this year in terms of overall play, he can absolutely make that argument. Brady is 44 years-old, Prescott's receiving corps is the only one in the NFL to truly rival the Bucs in terms of talent, and Tampa's defense should be good enough that Brady doesn't need to play the hero every week like Prescott probably will. It's no stretch of the imagination to believe Prescott can elevate his level of play to that level.

But none of Foxworth's provided stats prove anything if you fill in even the slightest bit of context.