Domonique Foxworth: Dak Prescott is Better Than Matt Stafford

Mike Greenberg and Domonique Foxworth
Mike Greenberg and Domonique Foxworth /

There was an NBA Finals game last night, but Get Up has multiple hours to fill so today they ranked the best quarterbacks in the NFL. During the segment Domonique Foxworth unleashed a take that seemed to make Damien Woody make noises. Foxworth thinks it is clear that Dak Prescott is better than Matthew Stafford.

When you actually see the rankings, it certainly makes the opinion a lot less controversial. Foxworth seems to just want Prescott moved up one spot. There's no Josh Allen, Russell Wilson or Tom Brady take. He just wants him ranked ahead of vacation-ruining badass Matthew Stafford.

For a little perspective, Prescott is five and a half years younger than Stafford. Through five seasons Prescott completed a higher percentage of his passes (66 to 59.5), but Stafford threw for more yards (286 per game to 255) and more touchdowns in fewer games. Prescott went to the playoffs twice. Stafford just once.

If you compare their five most recent seasons, Stafford's passing yards and interceptions have both decreased and the numbers are pretty close. Stafford has not been to the playoffs since he got shut down by the Seattle Seahawks in 2016.

Foxworth's claim that Prescott's worst season QBR is better than Stafford's best season is wrong, but the spirit of the argument holds up. Prescott's worst QBR was 55.2 in 2018. Stafford has seven seasons better than that. However, Prescott's second-worst was 69.9 which Stafford has only topped once.

Now that Stafford has a fresh start in Los Angeles, we could find out just how wasted his career was in Detroit. Big things will be expected from both quarterbacks this season.