Tyreek Hill Blames Wife For 'Hard Knocks' Nacho Incident


The Miami Dolphins are the subject of this year's in-season Hard Knocks series and the very first episode was released last week. The biggest highlight was definitely a viral clip involving Tyreek Hill's wife, Keeta Vacarro. The cameras were on Vacarro while she was in the stands at Hard Rock Stadium for the Dolphins' 20-13 win over the Las Vegas Raiders last Sunday and at one point she threw her arms up in celebration. Unfortunately, she did so at the same time a fan behind her was standing up with a full basket of nachos.

Vacarro's hands hit the nachos and sent them spilling directly onto her. She was not happy with the fan in question, who (to his credit) was extremely apologetic considering it was not his fault. After a point, though, Vacarro couldn't help but laugh.

Here's the slow motion replay.

The day after the footage was released Hill was asked about it by reporters. The superstar wideout revealed she had given him a bit of a slanted story. Then he did what no husband should do-- threw his wife underneath the bus.

Obviously Hill wasn't going to go up there and blame the fan but I imagine he got an earful afterwards. Sometimes playing it neutral is the way to go.

An amusing side story has emerged on Twitter, too. An account claiming to be the nacho guy from Hard Rock Stadium was created last week and has been interacting with people. It's good stuff.

Is it actually him? Probably not. Nothing is real anymore. But all in all it's a funny midseason B-plot for Hill and the Dolphins.