Referees Take Fumble Return Touchdown Away From Dolphins on Questionable Call


The Miami Dolphins defense nearly got the scoring started against the Las Vegas Raiders in Week 11, but officials took away a fumble return touchdown on a questionable call. Aiden O'Connell appeared to complete a pass to Michael Mayer on the Raiders' first posession of the game. As Mayer turned up field he had the ball punched out by Andrew Van Ginkel. Jevon Holland picked the ball up and scored an easy touchdown. Or so it seemed.

The play on the field was reviewed and it was determined that Mayer never had posession or made a football move or whatever they say when something is close. The touchdown was taken off the board and the Raiders punted the ball away on the next play. The Dolphins ended up fumbling on the ensuing posession, so it was a seven-point shift.

To this uninvested fan, it certainly looked like a fumble, which would mean the Dolphisn got screwed by the referees. Dolphins fans probably agree, while Raiders fans might think this is the actual proper application of the Tuck Rule - the ball was poked out before it was completely tucked. Luckily, we'll see plenty of worse calls today and forget all about this one.