Kevin Harlan Paints With Perfection During Insane Miami Dolphins Comeback

Rob Carr/GettyImages

Both Mike McDaniel and Tua Tagovailoa had their signature moments as the Miami Dolphins erased a 35-14 deficit while authoring one of the more improbable NFL comebacks you'll ever see this afternoon against the Ravens in Baltimore. The sophomore quarterback made use of his incredible one-two punch of Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle, who became the first receiving duo to each post 170 yards and two scores in league history. So much of what transpired was truly shocking but one thing that anyone could see coming miles away is that Kevin Harlan would be up to the task.

CBS' venerable announcer was at the top of his game calling the second half of Tagovailoa's franchise-record six touchdown passes.

This doesn't even account for how on-point Harlan was narrating Lamar Jackson's near-perfect day, which will be lost to history. Taste and preferences vary yet there's a real argument to be made that Harlan is the voice you want on the microphone for the silliest of silly games. His ability to match the moment and usher in a fevered pitch without ever straining is unmatched — whether it be football or basketball or hell, some drunk idiot on the field.

There are certainly more lauded and suddenly deep-pocketed broadcasters. There may be no better, though, when it comes to the pure jubilation of an instant classic.