Dodgers Fan Grabs Woman Between Legs During Stadium Brawl


As they are wont to do, Dodgers fans got into a fight with each other Friday night during a game against the Chicago Cubs at Dodger Stadium. This time, two women went at it in a vicious brawl that spilled into the concourse. What was different this time is that a man took advantage of the situation and creepily grabbed a woman between her legs.

Here's video of what happened, keep an eye open for the end:

Here's a look at this guy, let's identify him:

Yeah that's horrific.

As for the fight, please people stop dumping drinks on each other and fighting during MLB games. You're ruining it for the rest of us. I know Dodgers fans are famous for this, but there are other things they could be famous for. Like, I don't know, maybe not being belligerent a-holes.