Dodgers Fan Gets Lit Up By Security Guard in Middle of On-Field Proposal


Los Angeles Dodgers fans are already in midseason form on Opening Day. Thursday night during LA's opening game against the Arizona Diamondbacks, a Dodgers fan rushed the field. He wound up in the outfield, got down on one knee and proposed to someone in the stands before a security guard absolutely lit him up with a beautiful form tackle.

Check this out:

Another angle:

And a final one:

Here's the aftermath:

My back teeth rattled watching that hit and I'm sitting on my couch. That security guard full-on dove right into and through the guy. Textbook work . Just an incredible scene. What a freaking tackle. I wonder if she said yes? If so, she spent her first night as an engaged woman bailing her future husband out of jail.

Major League Baseball is back, so are beer snakes, fan fights, stadium proposals and people making ill-advised forays on to the field. Huzzah.