Doc Rivers to the Los Angeles Lakers Makes a Lot of Sense

Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Lakers' doomed season ended predictably far short of LeBron James' lofty goals. Frank Vogel paid the ultimate price, even though he was not the primary reason. Whoever is brave enough to undertake the task of fixing this franchise right away will encounter major obstacles and it will take a skilled tactician to navigate the choppy waters. Flirtations with Juwan Howard failed to get off the ground. Doc Rivers, who was also forced to endure an early and frustrating exit, is an attractive option. No matter what you think about his lengthy history of playoff failures, a sore spot for the veteran coach.

Colin Cowherd laid out a best-case scenario for the potential marriage on his show today. And made some pretty good points.

As Cowherd points out, Rivers is a former player who has already earned a ring from the sidelines. Most importantly, he has a bevy of experience dealing with superstars with big egos. There is a lot to like.

Rivers has never had a player like James before. And Russell Westbrook needs to come back a totally different player. And Anthony Davis needs to get and stay healthy. There are so many ways this thing could go wrong. It is perhaps fait accompli for whoever takes the job.

Still, Rivers seems like the best available option. Plus, the content would be fantastic. From Cowherd's lips to the ears of the 73 people making decisions for the Lakers.