Doc Rivers Can't Believe Sixers Reporter is Asking Him Questions From Bed

Doc Rivers
Doc Rivers / Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

The Philadelphia 76ers beat the Houston Rockets by the score of 118-113 last night. Another one in the win column for Doc Rivers and the leaders of the Eastern Conference. Afterwards, Rivers headed to the podium for a virtual press conference, one of the aspects of the Zoom era that many will never get used to.

Reporter Jackson Frank was given his opportunity to ask the Sixers head coach a question. Before he finished, Doc butted in to ask his own very important question: Is Frank laying on his bed right now?

Yes. Yes he was.

That's what Frank and all the reporters saw. This is what Doc saw.

Old-school coach clashes with new-age reporter is a movie that I actually can't believe hasn't been made. I also wanted to come up with some kind of joke where I wonder when a good time might be to hear Doc Rivers ask if you were in bed, but I couldn't. Hopefully someone funnier than me will cook up a good one-liner.

I believe I speak for everyone when I say that we will all embrace the post-Zoom era of employment with wide-open arms and maybe tears in our eyes. But at least we'll have moments like this to remember to remind ourselves that it was only bad 95 percent of the time.