Three D.K. Metcalf Trade Destinations

DK Metcalf
DK Metcalf / Abbie Parr/GettyImages

The Seattle Seahawks are embroiled in contract negotiations with DK Metcalf, entering the final year of his contract this season. Metcalf has performed like one of the better receivers the NFL has to offer and would like to receive a raise that would reflect that. So far, he's shown he's willing to miss mandatory offseason activities to force the team's hand.

It has spurred a conversation about whether or not the Seahawks will trade Metcalf, building off the same talking points that started when Seattle traded Russell Wilson. The franchise said at the time they weren't going to completely blow it up, and they've held true to that sentiment. But Metcalf's holdout could change things, as Ian Rapoport explained on the Pat McAfee Show on Monday.

In summation, a Metcalf trade is unlikely-- but not impossible.

Who would trade for Metcalf after all the dust has settled from a wild offseason? Here are a few options.

New York Jets

The Jets tried their best to trade for Tyreek Hill, failed, and took Garrett Wilson at No. 10 in the first round of this year's NFL Draft. Their aim is clear-- give Zach Wilson as many weapons as possible and hope he can cook. Investing further resources at the position is an iffy proposition given how many other holes the Jets need to patch. But after failing to acquire Hill, there are still very few big-money players on the roster and they can afford to give Metcalf the nine-digit contract he wants. If Joe Douglas is willing to part with a draft pick or two after taking three players in the first round of the draft, New York is the frontrunner for Metcalf's services.

Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens have their own extension problems ongoing, as Lamar Jackson has yet to engage in contract negotiations on a mega-deal as he enters the final year of his rookie deal. They'll probably be uninterested in shelling out money for Jackson and another star-caliber player. But let's say Jackson is insistent that he go through the year before signing an extension. What better way to prove to the MVP that you're fully committed to giving him as much help as possible than trading assets and investing financial resources into a stud wideout? It's unlikely but the Ravens could find themselves with motivation to get a deal done if Jackson refuses to play ball.

Green Bay Packers

The Packers certainly have the means and motivation to get a deal done. They own all their picks going forward and just passed on giving Davante Adams a big deal, instead drafting Christian Watson in the second round of the draft. Watson is a fantastic athlete but it's reasonable to question if he's ready to contribute right now to a team that earned the top seed in the NFC last year. Aaron Rodgers seems more content than he has been recently, so there's less pressure to make a dramatic change. And from what we can tell after the fact, Adams' departure had less to do with Green Bay's willingness to pay him and more to do with his desire to just get out of town. If the Packers are willing to pay Metcalf, they should spring for a deal-- even if the Seahawks would surely make them pay dearly for it.