DK Metcalf Selected For Random Drug Test After Winning NBA Celebrity All-Star Game MVP

DK Metcalf
DK Metcalf / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

DK Metcalf was in the NBA's Celebrity All-Star Game on Friday night, which was awesome because we rarely see professional athletes from other sports willing to risk injury in order to play in an exhibition game that very few people actually watch. And it was as funny as expected watching the 6-foot-4, 236-pound wide receiver run rampant over The Miz and Albert Pujols. Metcalf was nice enough to hold back on the throttle when appropriate to let others have the fun for a lot of the game but when the opportunity to dominate was presented, he seized it.

That is why he won MVP for the game.

It is also why Metcalf was apparently selected for a random performance-enhancing drug test by the NFL. The Seahawks star posted a picture of the text he received confirming his test on his Instagram story.

Now, we normally don't like to lean into the "random drug test" discourse because it is dumb. Random means the test can come at any time, not that the players are selected randomly. People should not act surprised when an athlete does something insane on the field and then gets tested. It is just what happens.

However, it is objectively funny that this happened to Metcalf when his season ended a month ago. Let the man live in the offseason, Goodell!