This All-Time Great Disc Golf Highlight is One of the Funniest Sports Videos Ever

Disc golf.
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The Pro Disc Golf Association’s (PDGA) World Championships took place over the weekend in Utah with James Conrad winning the men's event in a playoff. Conrad forced the playoff with a miraculous 247 foot birdie on the 18th hole and video of that shot has gone viral. As great of a disc golf shot as it was, it's an even greater video that will make you realize that the sport did not peak during the Summer of George.

This clip goes to 100 real quick as the announcers wonder if Conrad will try to make the shot which seems to the uninitiated like it would be the number one goal of every single throw in disc golf. As the camera pins back and Conrad takes a warmup, uh, swing, you start to notice, wow, there are a lot of people there. Then when the second camera angle comes in you're like, no, seriously, that is a lot of people. Apparently disc golf is exploding in popularity right now and that was before the produced a highlight that anyone had seen.

The video really takes off after Conrad lets it fly. The crowd starts to make noise with someone yelling, "Get in the hole!" Then the disc hits the chain and absolute pandemonium breaks out. As fans start to rush onto the playing surface with the unbridled enthusiasm usually reserved for the 76ers bench when Ben Simmons attempts a jump shot, the announcer's voice makes a new noise that no living person has ever before heard.

Finally, as they show Conrad running to grab his disc, an announcer says, "Dude, that's the clutchest thing I've ever seen." Do you believe in miracles? Only the one that a call so perfect was still available for the taking.