Did the Mariners Out-Bid Themselves for Robinson Cano?

By Mike Cardillo

Friday morning the Robinson Cano-to-Seattle mega-deal was off. Then, in a matter of minutes, it was back on, to the tune of 10 years and $240 million dollars.

Is it possible the Mariners added another year and a lot more money to the deal because they were afraid of being out-bit by … themselves?

The Dallas Morning News’ Evan Grant dropped this nugget on Saturday:

"By mid-day Friday, Seattle had heard that some team bid nine years and $225 million for Robinson Cano, so the Mariners upped their bid to $240 million and 10 years before apparently realizing the initial bid had come from themselves, too."

SB Nation picked up on the story today, in the wake of Sunday’s damning story about the dysfunctional Mariners front office. As with most things baseball related, it spread like wildfire on Twitter. Whether or not this is true remains to be seen. Could it be piling on?

It certainly doesn’t look too good in light of Eric Wedge’s comments about the organization and incompetence of GM Jack Zduriencik.

Above all this begs the question, who knew the Mariners might stress might be the biggest dumpster fire in professional sports this side of the Isiah Thomas-era Knicks?

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