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Did Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson Break Up?


Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian may have broken up. Kardashian posted an ominous relationship-and-standing-up-for-yourself-themed message to Instagram on Sunday.The possible reason for the split according to the Daily Mail, is that his co-workers were picking on him:

The passionate post came amid reports that the hoopster broke things off after he got tired of being a laughingstock from his Cleveland teammates, who had reportedly nicknamed him ‘Tristan Kardashian.’

If that report is true, that is a hostile work environment. Also, they should have been calling him, “Tris Kardashian.” Have some pride in your inside jokes. You’re the defending NBA champions for Kanye’s sake.

Thompson and Kardashian started dating over the summer. Late last month a “report” came out that LeBron James wanted the Kardashian nowhere near the team and Thompson stood up for his girlfriend. Later that week they were together at LeBron’s Halloween party. And that was two whole weeks ago so who knows what reality-show fueled hijinks could have happened since then.

The Cavs are 8-1. Thompson leads the team in blocks per game (1.67) and is second in rebounding (9.6). We will continue to monitor Thompson’s personal and professional life.